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Suikoden, Seishuncon, and Upcoming Convention Plans


It’s been a so long since I’ve updated, but I’ve been super busy. Back in June I coordinated a Suikoden dream group of mine that came together wonderfully thanks to some great friends and the talent of BentPic5 photography. We were rained on a bit, but that didn’t keep us from having a great time and getting some fun photos. I’m also so happy to have some good pictures of my Odessa costume now!

Later on in June was Seishuncon here in Atlanta. It’s a small convention, but they were in a new venue this year that was quite nice and had a beautiful garden. I made a new costume to wear with Tham and also rewore my Horo costume, which was a gift from my friend, Twinklebat. Pictures of these costumes are starting to roll in, so please check them out:


Next up is Dragon*Con and AWA in September. I’ve already gotten started on my Dragon*Con costumes, which include Marian from Double Dragon Neon, Jesse Quick from DC Comics, and a bunny suit. I also have Jessica from Lunar and Alicia Rue from Sword Art Online planned for AWA. I’ll post progress on my facebook as I continue to work on these. Thanks so much for watching!

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