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2015 Update


2015 has been a busy year already, despite what my costume page says at the moment.

I helped model in a couple product shoots for YayaHan.com, including a shoot to showcase her new line of wigs designed by Yaya and produced by Purple Plum. I also wore cat ears, fox ears, steampunk wings, and more! I’ve never worn so many outfits in one day, but good company made it a lot of fun! All these accessories and so much more are available in Yaya’s store!

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to get a few of my costumes immortalized in statue form thanks to the good people at 3D FigureWorks. The results were amazing! Below is a picture of me holding the statue of myself in my Anna costume. The details they were able to capture and translate to the figure are immaculate.

I was feeling the con blues since I hadn’t been to a convention since October, so some friends and I made a impromptu trip up to MTAC for the weekend. We just ran around in our Hogwarts robes representing our respected houses (Hufflepuff pride!). Sometimes it’s nice to just wear a simple, comfortable costume and have no particular agenda.

Yesterday I went to JordanCon wearing my new Shallan Davar cosplay from Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series. JordanCon is always a great experience, with interesting panels, and wonderful people. My friend Seth and I entered the costume contest, him as Kaladin, and we took home a Judge’s Award! I should have more pictures to post of Shallan soon!

Over the next month I will be working on four different costumes for Momocon, which include Cornet from Rhapsody, Asami from Korra, and a couple other Avatar related things. Momocon is such a well run con that seems to grow and improve with each year. I’m looking forward to checking out their new venue this year and debuting a new set of costumes.

Thank you for all your support!

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