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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Odessa

Odessa Silverberg

Inspiration: I think I’ve mentioned on here a couple times that I’m a huge fan of the Suikoden video games. Odessa has been a dream costume of mine for a long time and some fellow Suikoden fans encouraged me to finally make her. Suikoden group cosplays are forthcoming!

Materials/Construction Details: I only had to make the cape and corset for this costume. I’ve had the boots sitting in my closet for a long time, so I used those as a color guide when I bought my other fabrics. The corset was made using red seude, gold casa satin, black leather cording, and boning. I also used a layer of thick duck cloth between the layers of suede to help stabilize it. Suikoden I designs are very minimal, so I took a couple creative liberties, such as adding the bias tape around the outside of the corset, and the gold braiding on the front. I drafted the pattern using a corset I already owned.

The cape is basically patterned as a half circle skirt so that it would have a lot of body. The outside is a deep red suiting and the inside is just a thin black lining material. I purchased the dress, tights, and gloves. I made two gold accent straps for the gloves and that was about it for the costume!

Wig: I used my real hair for this costume, since I had a similar cut and style to Odessa. I may purchase a wig in the future because my hair was a bit too dark.

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