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Adorabeezle Winterpop
Wreck-It Ralph

Inspiration: Wreck-It Ralph was such a good movie and all the Sugar Rush kids had adorable candy designs. Everyone was talking about cosplaying these characters, so I looked over the designs and decided Adorabeezle was the one for me!

Materials/Construction Details: I purchases a blue jacket to use, but when it arrived in the mail it was all faded and way too big. Therefore, I dyed it darker and took it apart at the seams so that I could make it smaller and sew the white stripes on the sleeves. Then I added the fur trim. To make the shirt, I bought a plain white fitted shirt from Michael’s and hand painted the flag design. I made wonderunder-backed stars and ironed those in place since I didn’t trust myself to paint five identical stars. I made the pleated skirt, but bought the leg warmers and leggings. The boots were originally black, but I painted them navy blue and glued red rick-rack on them.

The hat was probably the most fun to make. I bought an army helmet from a party store as the base. I painted the red, white, and blue design and then painted over it with sparkly paint to make it look like a sugary candy shell. I glued the fur trim in place, padded out the helmet with foam to make it fit more snuggly, and attached the “cherries” in the front, which were wooden balls painted red.

Wig: I actually just repurposed my Hibiki wig for this costume. I didn’t have to do anything to it except section off the pony tail with hair ties and straighten the bangs out a bit.

Prop: I made a popsicle to match Adorabeezle’s car out of model magic, painted it red, white, and blue, and then added a clear gloss coat on top to make it appear wet.

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