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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Anna

Anna Hyodo
Tsun Dere II: Tsukiakari no Raspberry

Inspiration: I’ll admit I’ve never played this game, but my dear friend Tham asked me to cosplay from it with her, so I agreed. The uniforms are pretty cute after all!

Materials/Construction Details: The pleated skirt was made out of cotton, with the bias tape made out of the vest fabric sewn on before ironing the pleats in. The vest was also cotton. To make the blouse, I bought a normal white blouse, adjusted it to fit better, and dyed it a cream color. I then removed the sleeves and reworked them into short puff sleeves by sewing the bottom half of the sleeve to the top part before reattaching it at the shoulder. Then I just put together the various bows.

Wig: The wig is an Eowyn from Arda in spanish brown. I trimmed the bangs and cut some of the length off. I also thinned the wig out quite a bit to make the pigtails less thick. I then crisscrossed the hair in the back to cover up any netting that was showing through from the hair being pulled to the front.

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