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Bunny Suit
Original Design

Inspiration: I made this bunny suit as part of a group dreamt up by Meru. The inspiration was Mad Men and my design was based on Trudy Campbell. Honestly though, I have always wanted to do a bunny suit and blue is my color!

Materials/Construction Details: The pattern I used for the suit was made by Jessie (Rufflebutt Cosplay). I had to modify it to fit my body (since these things are so snug), but she did the hard part. I made my suit out of casa satin from JoAnns, lined it in some pretty patterned cotton, and stabilized it was a canvas layer enforced with steel boning. Basically I followed this tutorial.
Meru patterned out the ears and tail. The tail is cuddle fleece stuffed with polyester fiber fill and then gathered. The ears are made out of the same satin as the suit, but interfaced so they would stick up.

Wig: I used my Kitty Pryde wig for this costume, adding more curls and sweeping the bangs to the side.

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