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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Jesse Quick

Jesse Quick/Chambers
DC Comics

Inspiration: I have always loved speedsters in comics. In fact, my favorite comic book character of all time is Wally West. Because of this, I started reading about Jesse Quick and decided she would be my next comic costume!

Materials/Construction Details: I bought matte moleskin spandex to make my top. I just made my own pattern using one of my t-shirts as a reference. I purchased the shorts, but I had to add about 1.5″ of material to the top and the belt loops. Luckily I was able to find spandex of a similar color. The belt was also purchased, but had to be shortened quite a bit. To make Jesse’s symbol, I cut it out of black spandex, backed it with wonderunder, ironed it in place, and then zig-zag stitched around the edges. (Thanks to Twinklebat for all the tips!) The mask was made by Xtreme Design FX!

The boots were a lucky find, except that they were white to start with. I treated them with a deglazer and then painted them with Angelus leather paint. I topped them off with a satin acrylic finish and was really happy with the result. The paint held up perfectly without cracking or rubbing off and looked natural. I also purchased the gloves in white, added a panel at the wrist to make them flare out, and then painted them the same way I did the boots.

Wig: I actually already had this wig just sitting around. A friend wasn’t using it and gave it to me. I’m not sure where it’s from.

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