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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Jessica

Jessica de Alkirk
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

Inspiration: Lunar was one of the first RPGs I ever played and I absolutely fell in love with it. When I first started cosplaying, I wanted to make Jessica first, but then ended up doing something else. She has always been a dream costume of mine though, and I’m glad I waited so that I could do the costume justice. From her pointy ears to her spunky attitude, Jessica is awesome!

Materials/Construction Details: I put a lot of work into this costume and worked on it on and off for years. I made every single piece on the costume except for the shoes.The dress is made out of peachskin silk for the most part. I hand made and hand stitched the ruffles at the bottom. The sleeves are made out of a similarly colored knit so that they could be tight at the wrist and I could still get my hand through.

The overcoat was also made out of peachskin silk. I put a layer of cotton batting between the top and the lining to give it some dimension. The fur trim was hand sewn on. I put extra material in the sleeves and then gathered them to make them puffy, with some light interfacing to help it keep it’s shape and not sag. All the yellow accents were made out of cotton, with black cotton shapes appliqued on and then satin stitched completely around the edges.

The sash was made out of a blue suiting with navy zig-zags appliqued on. I then satin stitched every single zig-zag on both sides. This sash took forever to make!

The pendant was made by covering the lid of a makeup container in worbla and attaching a glue cap and wire piece at the bottom. I then put several layers of gold paint on top.

Wig: This wig is a Matilda from Arda Wigs in Dark Ash Blonde. First I had to straighten is a little using hot water. I then cut it shorter in the back and removed some wefts to make it thinner since it is a very thick wig. To make the widow’s peak in the front I cut the shape into the lace front and then added wefts around the cut until I had a more natural looking hairline. I brushed the hair back and then sprayed it in place.

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