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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Hikari ~ Triple-H

Hikari ~ Triple-H
Mawaru Penguindrum

Inspiration: When Tham, Meru and I watched Mawaru Penguindrum, we knew these costumes would be perfect for our cosplay trio, Kamikaze Kiss! Unfortunately, icy weather prevented Meru from joining us when we wore these costumes for the first time, but we are already planning on getting together to do an official Triple-H photoshoot in the near future!

Materials/Construction Details: To make these outfits, we modified Simplicity pattern 3629 until it looked correct. The bodices are made out of black sateen. We used a canvas layer with boning between the the lining and top layer to stabilize the outfit. The side panels were made out of satin, with a glitter organza overlay on top. We made the bias tape out of the same satin. The ruffles along the bottom were also made out of an organza fabric, doubled up and then gathered to form the ruffles.

Meru made all our sparkly star accessories and the gloves and boots were purchased. We bought dance briefs for the bottom. The star on the butt was cut out of yellow spandex backed in wonderunder, ironed in place, and then zigzag stitched around the edges. As a final touch, Tham and I attached small rhinestones to the border of the star to make it pop!

Wig: I bought two of the same wig off of a store on eBay. Because I wanted my wig to be big, I harvested wefts from one wig and sewed them into the other until it was super thick. Then I lightly brushed out the curls so they weren’t so tight. I cut the bangs short, and then gelled them into spikes.

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