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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Princess Anna


Inspiration: I was often asked by friends who I would choose to cosplay in a Disney princess group and I never had a good answer. Until Frozen, my favorite Disney movie was Lion King, so I would tell them Nala was my Disney princess, but that she wouldn’t make for a very good cosplay. But then there was Anna. I adore her quirky personality and giant heart. I finally found my princess!

Materials/Construction Details: I spent more time making this costume than I have spent on any other costume.

The bodice is made out of black velvet with steel boning for stability and a snowman print lining. You still can’t buy a good premade gold bias tape, so I had to make my own out of satin. The bodice zips up the back. All of the embroidery was done by hand.

The skirt is made of 100% wool, which was very difficult for me to find in a good blue color. The light blue pattern at the bottom is made of flannel that is wonder-undered in place and then top stitched. The skirt has four large pleats, two in the front and two in the back. I made a stencil of the embroidery patterns and painted them on where they go. Then I started the very long process of hand embroidering the entire skirt. This process took about 150 hours.

The cape and capelet are also made of wool lined in satin. The purple patterns are custom dyed flannel once again attached with wonder-under and then top stitched. A friend was kind enough to let me borrow their embroidery machine to do the 102 tiny embroidery patterns on the cape. The heart clasp was made by Lolerica Creations on Etsy.

The undershirt is made of a light blue green peachskin silk using a dress shirt pattern. I stitched it up in such a way that the buttons were hidden up the front. I used my machine to make the decorative stitching around the collar, on the sleeves, and down the middle.

The boots are also hand embroidered (with the assistance of pliers) and I used plasti-dip to paint the heels red. You can see more details on how I made the boots here!

I made my own pattern for the hat and hand embroidered the pattern on the back. I stitched some alligator clips on the inside of the hat so I could clip the flaps down.

Wig: The wig is a Leia in Sandy Brown from Arda wigs. I had to cut several inches off the length and trim the bangs. I also got white wefts from Arda to stitch into the wig to make the streak in her hair.

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