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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Bombshell Supergirl

Supergirl ~ DC Bombshell Series
Design by Ant Lucia

Inspiration: The DC Bombshell designs by Ant Lucia are extremely cute, so me and some friends decided to do a group. While I’m more drawn to Hawkgirl and Jesse Quick as characters, this Supergirl design really caught my eye! I also hope I can do a shoot in this costume with my orange tabby in the near future!

Materials/Construction Details: The corset of this costume took the most time. I started with an underbust corset pattern and after several modifications and mockups, I figured out all the pieces I would need to make this. The corset is put together in three layers. The lining layer, which is not visible, I did in some leftover red suiting I had. Then I had a stabilizer layer made from thick duck cloth. This layer had many boning tracks sewn into it where I secured steal boning to give the garment good shape. The top layer was made from a turquoise spandex, which was interfaced to remove the stretch, and a lace overlay on certain panels. The piping between the pieces had to be hand made using gold satin and cording. A zipper foot helped not only make the piping, but also with sewing it between the layers so that the stitching could be as close to the cording as possible. The bias tape around the top of the corset also had to be custom made using the same gold satin. The final touch to the corset were tiny buttons that were painted gold and stitched down the front center.

The belt was made using red vinyl. To get the raised details, I put some thick craft foam between the layers in the appropriate shape and then top stitched with a zipper foot around them. The Supergirl emblem was made out of worbla. I first free handed the symbol and then cut that out to use as a stencil. I put several layers of gesso on the worbla pieces and then sanded it down before painting. The emblem attaches with velco so that I can remove it from the belt when needed.

I used a basic glove pattern for the gloves, but modified it slightly to be fingerless. The bottom half of the gloves also features the lace overlay. I searched for a stretch gold fabric that matched what I used on the corset, but didn’t have any luck. Instead, I just carefully measured that part of my arm and attached gold bias tape in that exact size to the top of the glove. The tiny shields on the gloves are also made of satin with the Supergirl emblem ironed on in a slightly lighter gold satin.

The scarf has a very simple design and is made from a light weight knit material. I bought thigh high red boots, but had to shorten them and add the slit down the front. The skirt is a simple circle skirt. It is made from the same turquoise spandex and lined in a matching satin with an elastic waistband.

Wig: The wig is Arda’s Ferrari in Platinum Blonde. I left the back of the wig alone, but styled the bangs using curlers and a lot of hair spray.

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