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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Ruffnut 2

Ruffnut Thorston
How to Train Your Dragon 2

Inspiration: I was super excited when How to Train Your Dragon 2 came out this summer! I cosplayed Ruffnut from the first movie and decided I wanted to do an upgrade of the costume.

Materials/Construction Details: Much like my first costume, this one is made out of mostly suede. The olive dress was made by modifying a very simple dress pattern. I cut tears into the bottom of the dress and then went around all the edges with a soldering iron so nothing would fray. The grey overcoat was made in a very similar fashion. I also used a soldering iron to burn holes into the overcoat where the cording was threaded through. I bought the olive jeggings and wrapped thin elastic that had been painted brown around them. I also used painted elastic for my arm bands. Tham gave me the idea and it really helped everything stay in place. I made the simple brown belt out of vinyl, which snapped closed in the back.

I was not able to find fur that I liked for the vest, so I bought some off white fur and used some spray on transparent dye called Tint-It to color it myself. I used three different colors (sepia, sunflower, and dark brown) to give the fur a splotchy multicolored look. In the end, the fur was still soft to the touch.

I was able to reuse my arm wraps, necklace, wig, and boots from my previous costume. The helmet only required a few modifications. I made the rivets out of heavy duty snap covers. I weathered them slightly using black acrylic paint and then attached them with super glue. I also added the horns down the middle of the helmet, which were made from model magic and painted brown to match the other horns.

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