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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Kayano Kaede

Kayano Kaede
Assassination Classroom

Inspiration: My husband started reading this manga and decided he wanted to cosplay as Korosensei. I thought it would be a lot of fun to cosplay as one of the students from the manga, so I picked Kayano! While I was sewing costumes for AWA, my husband read me the manga and now I’m hooked to it as well! Can’t wait to see the anime when it comes out!

Materials/Construction Details: I purchased this costume from a shop in a China. I just had to buy the knee highs and the shoes.

Wig: The wig is a Magnum in mint from Arda. I simply had to cut the bangs and tie up the little pigtails.

Prop: I had a plastic knife and two grenades I purchased from the dollar store to complete the costume.

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