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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Ember Island Yue

Ember Island Players Yue
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Inspiration: Tom and I learned that our friends were doing Sokka and Yue and while brainstorming what Avatar characters we wanted to do to join them in a group, we decided it would be hilarious to do their Ember Island Players counterparts from that episode in Season 3. The plan was to photobomb and over-dramatically
imitate all of their serious poses. Though somewhat uncomfortable, this costume was ridiculously fun.

Materials/Construction Details: For a joke cosplay, this costume was actually somewhat complex. I used a thin, cheap lining material for the base of the dress, but I needed over ten yards of it to make the long train. The front of the dress lays flush with the floor, but the back extends into a point that trails a good six feet behind me. To save on materials, I only lined a small portion of the dress in a matching pink cotton, then serged and roll hemmed the rest.

I learned how to make curtain swags and then altered that to fit a dress to make the pieces that swoop at the hips of the dress. These parts and the giant attached bow with cascading pleat tails were made out of silk, which was likely too fancy of a material to use for this costume, but I really liked the color and feel of the fabric.

The draping sleeves were made out of rosebud minky fur in a very light pink. The bands at the top of the sleeves were made out of spandex, which kept the sleeves securely in place.

The hair accessories were made out painted wooden pieces bought from a craft store.

I also made the Ember Island Sokka costume. The tunic was made of of basic blue cotton with wide shoulders and a slit up the sides at the base. The collar and belt were made out of white sateen. The boot covers were made out of various knits, with thick interfacing along the top point and some white elastic to hold everything in place. The wrist bands were made of gauze dyed a light blue color.

Wig: Perhaps the most ridiculous part of this costume has to be the wig. The giant bow part was made out of fuzzy felt, stuffed with poly fiber fill and some wire to help it keep its shape. It was then firmly sewn into the wig. I considered covering the felt in hair, but I decided to leave it was it was to be more authentic to the tacky source material. I bought two clip on extensions from Arda in white, braided them around a stiff wire, and then cut them off as bluntly as possible. I stitched four combs into the wig cap (two in front and two in the back) to help everything from sliding due to the awkward weight of everything attached to the wig. Luckily, the clip on braids helped balance out the weight and keep the large bow from falling over.

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