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Asami Sato (Finale Dress)
The Legend of Korra

Inspiration: When Jessie and I saw the dresses Korra and Asami wore in the finale episode of Legend of Korra, we decided right away that we wanted to make them. I’m a fan of Korrasami and knew it would be fun cosplaying this with one of my best friends!

Materials/Construction Details: I chose to make this dress out of knit fabrics to get the shape and drape I desired. The dress is made in two parts: the darker red strapless underdress, and the brighter red top piece. I used chiffon to make the the shoulder pieces. The necklace was shaped out of worbla, primed with gesso, sanded, and then painted gold. Red beads were used for the accents. The bracelets are wooden bangles I painted to match the necklace.

Wig: This wig is a Matilda in black by Arda-wigs. I cut the lace front into a widowspeak and shaped the hair framing the face with curlers. The wig started out very curly, so I brushed the curls out to make them more wavy.

Jessie Lykens as the lovely Korra.

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