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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Swimsuit Cersei

Swimsuit Cersei ~ Original Design
Game of Thrones

Inspiration: I was invited to a swimsuit Game of Thrones group so I put together this Cersei outfit to represent my favorite house, the Lannisters!

Materials/Construction Details: I purchased the base swimsuit, but the gold parts were originally white. I used screen printing ink to paint those parts so that the bathing suit would be in the two Lannister house colors. The lion crest and family words “Hear Me Roar” were screen printed on using hand made screens. Once the ink dried, all the gold parts had to be thoroughly heat set with an iron to keep the ink from running in the pool.

The sleeves were designed to mimic the flowing dress sleeves seen in the show, though these were made out of a bathing suit material. The golden embroidery was sewn on to give the sleeves more detail. The floaties slid on top of the sleeves.

I made the multi-chained gold necklace and attached a golden letter “L” to represent the Lannister house. The tattoo was custom designed to have Jaime’s name on it, then was printed out on tattoo paper.

To add final touches to the costume, I purchased the golden chalice, golden lion head ring, and cat eye sunglasses.

Wig: I purchased this wig off ebay and added the braids.

Prop: I carried an inflatable lion pool toy with me for some added fun!

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