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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Bob

Animal Crossing

Inspiration: Since the very first Animal Crossing game, Bob has been my top favorite villager! I’ve been wanting to cosplay as him for the longest time, and this year I finally got around to doing it!

Materials/Construction Details: Despite this being a simple costume, I actually learned a few things in the process of making it. I used Spoonflower for the first time to design and custom print the floral design of his iconic shirt onto a spandex knit fabric, which I then used to make the top for this costume. The process of getting custom designed fabric was faster than I was expecting and I’ll probably look into it more for future projects. I used lavender and purple cuddle fleece to make his ears,tail, and wrist bands. The inside of Bob’s ears is several shades of pink, but since I didn’t want to buy that many varieties of fur for such a small part, I used color pencils on white fur. Believe it or not, it shades the fur pretty well while still keeping it soft to the touch and doesn’t rub off either!

My favorite part of this costume actually ended up being the shoes. I custom painted a pair of white shoes with red, blue, yellow, and green puzzle pieces to match the inside of Bob’s house. The whole process ended up taking me 16 hours to do, but Bob is worth it!

The fish bone necklace was purchased from Etsy. It just seemed like something he would wear since he loves to eat fish!

Wig: I purchased Arda’s Magnum Long in Lilac. I trimmed up the back of the wig a bit, keeping it longer in the front, but spiky in the back. However, the color wasn’t quite right. I wanted a more blueish lavender, and this wig had a more pink tone. This is where Design Master Tint-IT transparent dye spray came in handy! I spritzed the whole wig down with blue spray to get the lavender where I wanted it. Then I used plastic wrap to cover the wig except for the section I wanted a different color in the front, which I then used several layers of purple spray on. The Tint-IT spray doesn’t rub off on things, drys within minutes, and the hair still looks natural and can be brushed through. I’ve used this spray on so many different projects since I discovered it last year, but this was my first time using it on a wig. I was happy with the results!

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