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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Robin/Morgan

Robin and Morgan Ref
Super Smash Bros./Fire Emblem: Awakening

Inspiration: Fire Emblem Awakening is such a good game! I love so many of the characters, but Morgan quickly became my favorite. When I was asked to be a part of a Fire Emblem group, I instantly knew who I wanted to be! Later I found out my friends were also doing a Super Smash Bros. group, so I got myself another wig, and joined them as Robin. Both characters wear the same outfit afterall!

Materials/Construction Details: This costume was a last minute decision for me, and since I was already working on several other things, I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish in time for AWA. My awesome friend Celine was willing to commission this outfit for me though and she did an awesome job! I can’t discuss too much of the construction since I didn’t make it, but I can talk about the items I did make.

I designed the pattern for the pants since they are baggy, jodhpurs style, and I didn’t really have a pattern for that. I used stretch sateen fabric, but still had to install a zipper on the side. I used black iron-on hem tape for the line down the middle front of the pants, but also sewed it in place. I dyed the pants a very slight grey, since they weren’t supposed to be bright white, and then sewed 16 buttons down the front. I also made the undershirt out of a cotton knit, also dyed a slight grey color. The black vertical stripes were carefully painted on by hand and the whole shirt was trimmed in fold-over black elastic.

I also put together some simple grey gloves and made the brown belts around the waist. I didn’t have any luck finding buckles that looked right, so I created these out of worbla and then painted them gold. Rather than putting pressure on my worbla buckles, the belts actually just close by velcro near the ends.

Wig: My Morgan wig was purchased from a store in China. I trimmed it shorter, added a few layers near the crown, and cut and styled the bangs.

The Robin wig is a ponytail clipon set from Epic Cosplay wigs in silver. I had to cut the base wig shorter and cut and style the bangs. Also, the pigtail clips were originally 50″ long, so I had to trim them quite a bit.

Prop: I love fake book props because I can hide my phone and wallet inside! Most craft stores sell realistic looking books that are hollow on the inside. I painted this book purple then used metallic gold fabric for the detailing. I actually put iron-on backing on the material and carefully ironed it in place, but I also put several layers of mod podge on top to make sure it stayed in place.

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