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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Mei

Mei (Casual Variant Original Design)

Inspiration: Overwatch has been a big part of my life over the summer. I love all the characters in the game, both their stories and designs, but Mei instantly stood out to me. She’s so cute! I put together this outfit as something I could wear casually.

Materials/Construction Details: I made the design for the shirt based off of one of the things Mei says and elements of her costume. I uploaded the design to Redbubble so that I could order a custom printed shirt. If you like the design, it’s still available here! I bought the tights on Etsy from MuchNeededMerch. The Snowball necklace was made by HandmadebyHanners also on Etsy. I repurposed my Adorabeezle jacket because I thought the fur collar and cuffs would really add to the outfit. The boots (which I can’t wait to wear this winter!) were purchased from Amazon along with the glasses. The hairpin came from Ebay, and I painted the snowflake with light blue sparkly paint.

Wig: This wig is Arda’s Blue Steele in dark brown with a classic hairbun. I did a lot of styling to the front to make the bangs match Mei’s and I sewed the bun into the wig.

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