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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Steris Harms

Steris Harms
Mistborn Era 2

Inspiration: I’m a Sanderson fan for sure, and Mistborn Era 2 was a great read! Steris is introduced as an uptight noble, but as the story continues, she defies all expectations of what you think her character is going to be. She quickly became one of my favorite literary characters of all time. You should read and find out why!

Materials/Construction Details: I purchased the periwinkle corduroy suit from Recollections during a sale and then tailored it to fit me, which required removing the sleeves to shorten the broadness of the shoulders and taking it in at the sides along the waist. I added silver embroidery along the front of the coat and at the cuffs of the sleeves for some added flair. I finished the look with a ruffled blouse, lace gloves, and an ivory, blue, and silver flowered hair comb.

Wig: I used a Jaguar and classic hairbun in ash blonde from Arda. I trimmed the wig a lot in the back and used a blow drier and hair spray to style the hair towards the back center where I pinned the bun in place. I left some hair in the front and used curlers to get spiral curls and then trimmed up the bangs.

Props: I purchased one of those fake storage books in the style of an old leather bound book and then carefully painted the words “History of New Seran” on the front.

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