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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Summoner Yuna

Final Fantasy 10

Inspiration: Yuna has been on my cosplay dream list for years and I’m so happy that I finally got around to making her. She is by far my favorite heroine from the entire Final Fantasy series. I made this costume as quickly as possible in order to wear it to Momocon’s special event at the Georgia Aquarium. I thought all the water backgrounds would be perfect for this character.

Materials/Construction Details: The most time consuming part of this costume was painting the obi and the skirt. The designs were all traced on using a fabric marking pen and then meticulously hand painted before being sewn together into the final piece. I used dupioni silk for the obi. The skirt is made from a bluish/purple suiting. The top is a white knit sewn in various places to a black undershirt. I used thin elastic to make the various bands across her back.

The sleeves and various small accessories were purchased since I was running out of time to get those made for this event. I like the accessories, but the sleeves are made from a satin that I felt was a bit too shiny for my taste. The gradient looked nice, but I would like to remake those for the next time I wear this costume.

Wig: I purchased this wig from an online store in China. It was already designed for Yuna, so it only required some minimal trimming of the bangs and minor styling.

Props: I made Yuna’s staff head out of pink insulation foam. I carved the design out of the foam using a styro cutter, then applied many layers of gesso, sanded it until it was smooth, and painted it by hand with acrylic paint. The silver connector part was 3D printed by a wonderful friend and only required some priming and spray painting before being glued to the staff head. The rest of the staff was made using a wooden dowel that was spray painted the appropriate colors. Worbla was used for the small accents and a silver bell was attached to the end with a screw eye.

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