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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Ignis

Ignis Scientia (Genderbend)
Final Fantasy 15

Inspiration: I have been obsessed with FFXV since it came out. I love all the boys, but Ignis is definitely the best! A group of friends invited me to their genderbend group and I couldn’t resist the chance to be my favorite member of the chocobros! I even came up with a few new recipes!

Materials/Construction Details: I purchased a grey silk leopard print shirt and then completely took it apart. I dyed it a dark shade of purple, painted it darker down the middle, and replaced the buttons with black ones. I tailored the shirt to fit my shape and used the extra cutoff fabric to make faux front pocket flaps. The collar was made out of black vinyl, which I glued tiny diamond studs around.

I purchased the leather jacket as well, but took it in at the waist and back and removed the shoulder pads. I added silver studs around the front pockets, extended the lapel, and then switched all the buttons out for skull and crossbones embossed ones. I wanted the jacket to maintain a feminine shape, so I installed two sets of magnets (at the waist and at the front) to the inside of the jacket and the silk shirt. This kept the jacket fitting snugly, while still allowing me to open it up if I wanted to.

I purchased black tuxedo pants with satin stripes down the sides, hemmed the bottoms, and used that extra fabric to make pocket flaps for the back. I added two more skull and crossbones buttons to the pants and glued down silver studs around the front pockets.

The shoes have a faux crocodile skin pattern to them. I used red plasti-dip to paint the bottoms red. The skull necklace was purchased from VintageAerith on Etsy. I also purchased a pair of driving gloves, cut off and hemmed the thumbs, and painted the top half with pewter leather paint.

Wig: This wig is a Buttercup in desert brown from Arda wigs. I combed the wig back into a ponytail and trimmed the bangs with a razor. I wanted a lot of texture in the bangs, so I cut many layers into them and then styled them to the side.

Props: I bought a small, black pocket notebook and printed ‘Recipes’ on the front. I also made a can of Ebony by purchasing a Starbucks canned drink and covering it with a vinyl label. I also carried with me a small sewing kit in case any of Noct’s buttons came loose.

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