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SummerRobinRefRobin (Ylissean Summer Event)
Fire Emblem Heroes

Inspiration: Since the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes came out earlier this year, I’ve been playing it daily. Robin’s swimsuit version was released as part of a special summer event and it was too cute for me to resist, especially since I’ve cosplayed as Robin before.

Materials/Construction Details: I had most of this costume already on hand. The Robin coat was a commission from my friend, Celine. I added clear straps near the collar so that I could keep the coat sitting on my shoulders and still pose in various ways. The swimsuit was the same one I used for my Juvia swimsuit costume. I had to add the gold ring to the top, but that was it. I made the belts out of leftover vinyl.

Wig: This wig is a ponytail clip-on set from Epic Cosplay wigs in silver. I had to cut the base wig shorter and cut and style the bangs. Also, the pigtail clips were originally 50″ long, so I had to trim them quite a bit. I added the braids in the front for this version of Robin.

Prop: The props for this costume are what took me the most time. I bought a trident toy, but wasn’t happy with the pole it came on, so I replaced it with a wooden dowel. I added the spiral details to the bottom of the pole using craft foam and worbla. Once it was all together, I spray painted it the appropriate colors.

I bought a plush salmon and took it apart at the seams so that I could impale it on the spikes of the trident. Once in place, I hand stitched the plush back together around the spikes. The tear drop is made of a craft foam backing and a glob of hot glue to give it dimension. This is honestly one of the strangest props I’ve ever had to make.

I bought the rope from Michaels, but had to dye it a darker brown. To keep it from sliding down the pole, I drilled a small screw eye into the pole and then stitched the rope to it. The seashell is an actual shell that I hand painted to look more like the one in the art, but the starfish is a rubber replica. The gold rings on the rope were made out of worbla and the orbs are wooden balls painted with a pearlescent acrylic.

I also made sure I had an octopus friend and reused a fishing basket from one of my Suikoden costumes.

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