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Yashuntafun Cosplay » Kinga

Kinga Forrester (and Max)
Mystery Science Theater 3000

Inspiration: I have been a long time fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and was really excited when Netflix put out a new season. This season was hilarious and the new characters were a lot of fun, so my husband and I decided to be the new Mads, Kinga and Max!

Materials/Construction Details: This was a relatively simple costume to make. I purchased a black wool coat, tailored it a bit, and sewed on purple bias tape around the collar, lapels, pockets, and on the sleeves. I switched out the buttons on the coat for large purple ones, which meant I also had to make the button holes on the coat larger. I purchased the green satin undershirt and thick black leggings. To make her hairpins I used model magic to make the bone ends and then glued those to a pair of chopsticks, all of which I painted white.

I followed a similar process to make Max’s coat, though he required piping rather than bias tape. I wasn’t able to find piping in the correct lime color, so I had to make that. His scarf was made from the waist tie of my shirt so that it matched.

The patches on the coat sleeves were purchased from NeitherSparky on Etsy!

Wig: I actually used my own hair pulled up into a bun for this costume. My hair wasn’t quite long enough, so I used some matching extensions to fill it out more.

We found a white pompadour wig for Max. I teased up the top, slicked back the sides, and styled the little curl in the front and he was ready to go!

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