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Suikoden 2

Inspiration: The Suikoden series is one of my top favorite series of all time, as you may be able to tell from how many cosplays I have done so far from it. A friend I recently introduced to Suikoden asked me to be the Flik to his Viktor, and despite my very limited experience with crossplay, I couldn’t resist the chance of being one of the best characters in the series.

Materials/Construction Details: I wasn’t looking for a knit for Flik’s cape, but when I saw this bright eletric blue fabric, I knew I had to use it despite the difficulties it might bring about. I used the same blue knit for the leg band, headband, and boot covers. The cape itself is lined in a light blue suede. Altogether it has a great weight and drape and yet still billows in the wind. I adore wearing capes!

I purchased a yellow turtleneck to wear under everything, but I didn’t like how the yellow clashed with the blue, so I dyed it a more golden yellow. The main shirt is made from a thick blue knit with white suede trim. I used pearlescent snaps along the trim for detail. The chest piece is made out of black and brown vinyl and doubles as a compression top. The collar and shoulder part of the cape is also made from black vinyl with straps made of the same fabric as the lining of the cape.

I made three belts for this costume: The main waist one and two small ones that are part of the boot covers. I made these out of vinyl and used a soldering iron to burn the holes into them. I had a pair of leather gloves on hand from a past costume, but had to paint them using angelus leather paint to match the other accessories.

Wig: I purchased a short blonde wig on ebay and used brown Rit Dye to darken most of the wig just leaving a small blonde section in the front, which I spiked up with hair spray.

Prop: I purchased a standard prop sword, but to turn it into the Odessa++ I mixed paint to match the bright blue cape color and then painted the hilt of the sword to match.

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