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Inspiration: I watched Glow shortly before Dragon Con and enjoyed it so much that I decided I needed to add it to my lineup as a last minute costume. A friend was coordinating a group which didn’t have a Justine, so I decided that would be a fun comfy costume to make.

Materials/Construction Details: I purchased a loose white t-shirt and tailored it to fit the design better, which included shortening the overall length and shortening the sleeves. I used spray fabric paint to paint on the Anarchy symbol. To get the splatters I coated a popsicle stick in paint and flicked it at the shirt several times. Once the paint was dry, I cut several rips into the shirt, especially around the collar, which I then pinned back together with many saftey pins. I already owned black shorts with white trim, so that was a plus! I bought a bunch of cheap silver rings since she wears them on nearly every finger along with a small diary lock and chain for her necklace. I also purchased a pair of black and white high top converse shoes to finish the look.

Wig: Since I decided to make this costume so close to the con, I asked around for a brown lace front wig and a wonderful friend came through for me (Rhapsody Cosplay). The wig was originally styled for a Rey cosplay from Star Wars, so I had to unstyle it and wash it out before I knew what I had to work with. It was a very long, thick beautiful wig and I almost felt guilty cutting so much length off of it. Once it was trimmed up, I also cut several layers into the wig and then started the hard part of styling it. I separated out the hair at the center top of the wig and used heat and hairspray to tease it up. I pulled the hair on the sides into two sligtly spaced apart pony tails in the back and slicked down the sides as much as possible. I then laid the center hair down over those pony tails to hide them. It was then just a matter of patience and a lot of hairspray to get the pompadour high enough.

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